GALAXIA TOURS, UAE is a tour operator - member of the GALAXIA GROUP. With more than 24 years of experience on its shoulders GALAXIA TOURS (in Egypt) has always offered high quality services and products. As Dubai and Abu Dhabi are one of the top touristic destinations today, we have decided to start our global expansion by opening an operating branch in the United Arab Emirates - particularly in Dubai - to serve the arrounding emirates, cities and countries in the region of golf and continue offering the highest standards of service as it is our main commitment and the reason behind our clients' loyalty and praise.

During the past few years, GALAXIA TOURS has experienced a significant increase in requests for the Emirates region. For this reason we have decided to offer a guaranteed high quality of service in that area of the Arab peninsula by opening a fully operating and fully owned branch in Dubai in order to continue offering our own product.

GALAXIA TOURS DUBAI offers a wide range of services on the FIT level but also on the MICE level. Weather your needs are corporate-related or simply leisure, we will always offer exactly what you require. GALAXIA TOURS DUBAI is your most reliable choice.


GALAXIA TOURS DUBAI's mission is to gain the status it has earned in Egypt as one of the top tour operators in the tourism sector due to the trust deposited in us by our agents and collaborators. Our purpose is to maintain healthy communication among our clients and suppliers as well as offer a high quality of service while advising the adequate products to our demanding customers in order to remain being considered the most reliable service provider in the region.


  • Dubai has already been considered a financial attraction; however, despite tourism increments being outstanding, it has still to reach its full potential. In GALAXIA TOURS DUBAI, we are confident that this destination will be a must-see in the near future and that is why we have moved. We want to place Dubai as a top tourism & leisure destination.


  • We are a client-oriented company. Our goal is to form professional employees with team-work abilities, resolutive skills, proactivity and commitment. These attributes reflect on the employee satisfaction and hence on the customer satisfaction.


  • At GALAXIA TOURS DUBAI we offer a high quality tailored service as well as high quality set packages. We battle for continuous improvement in our service and a product that is corresponded with the service offered. Continuous formation and evaluation are necessary to avoid non-complacency attitudes from both, our personal service as well as that of our suppliers.


  • Deep understanding of our collaborators is essential for our work philosophy. Our purpose is to form long term relationships with our clients and suppliers that are built on fairness, trust, loyalty and transparency. In our opinion, it is the only way for an efficient and productive relationship for all parties involved.


  • :: LEADERSHIP: proactive attitude and commitment to continuous improvement.
  • :: PASSION: we love what we do and we always want to do it better.
  • :: SERVICE EXCELLENCE: details are what set the difference between a well-done job and an outstanding remarkable job. We want the latter.
  • :: LOYALTY: it is the only way to maintain long-lasting relationships, those of which are the most beneficial for a business.