The traditional markets and souks are one of the biggest attractions of the city. In these markets one can enjoy from its labyrinthine streets and crowded. A shopping experience that transports us to other times. The souks are mostly located near the area of Bastaki. There we will find many people busy doing business as the old way. In the souks we haggle and they expect us to do so. Most shops close between 1 and 4 pm as it is the hottest slot of the day (although we recommend asking the guide) and Friday open a few hours later because it is the day of prayer.

They highlight the spice souk, where their exotic aromas captivate us as we walk through its streets. This market has existed since 1830 and is an unforgettable cultural experience.

It is also essential to visit the gold souk in Deira, where we can buy all sorts of jewelry. Dubai is estimated that there are about 600 jewelry stores and half of them are located in the souk.