The contrast of this moment is fascinating, going from one of the most ultra-modern cities in the world to one of the most captivating and mystical (as well as threatening) landscapes as soon as 30 minutes can be a real mind breaker.

The Arabian Desert has a drawing force that cannot be explained; the silence, the calmness, the beauty can be so grateful sometimes.

Watching the towering orange sand dunes changing color as the sun sets in the horizon is a sight that must be experienced.

This excursion starts normally In the afternoon, between 15.30 and 16.00 hours, we will part the hotel in 4 X 4 luxury vehicles that will take us to the majestic desert of Dubai; there we will enjoy a rollercoaster of sand dunes, a natural oasis, camel farms and a fabulous desert landscape that seems like a sea of sand where the dunes are the waves.

The sunset from the highest dune permits a unique snapshot of what the Arabian Desert can be.

After sunset, we continue the tour to the camel farms followed by a desert campsite. There indulge yourself with the typical Arabic grilled meal served with fresh salads and fruits while watching a traditional folkloric show including the renowned Belly Dance.

Watching as the sun sinks into the sandy dunes of the desert is one of the most impressive views we will see in Dubai. Finally, we will end our journey in a campsite wrapped in a traditional Arabic environment where we will be able to ride camels, smoke shisha (typical Arabic water pipe) and get henna tattoos as well as practice sand boarding – an activity which has become more and more frequent among travelers.

Food will be served under the desert stars and moonlight – an Arabic buffet consisting of mixed grilled meat, fresh salads and fruits – while the crowd awaits the long awaited arrival of the Belly Dancer. Transfer back to the hotel and overnight.