The Emirate of Umm Al Qaiwain, which has a coastline stretching to 24 kilometers, is located on the Arabian Gulf coast of the UAE, between Sharjah to the southwest, and Ras al-Khaimah to the northeast.

Its inland border lies about 32 kilometers from the main coastline. The total area of the emirate is about 777 square kilometers, which is equivalent to 1 per cent of the country's total area, excluding the islands.

The city of Umm Al Qaiwain, capital of the emirate, is situated on a narrow peninsula which encircles a large creek 1 kilometer wide by 5 kilometers long. The Ruler's office, administrative and commercial centers, the main port and a Mari culture Research Centre where prawns and fish are reared on an experimental basis, are located here.

The city also has the preserved remains of an old fort, its main gate flanked by defensive cannons.

Falaj al-Mualla, an attractive natural oasis, is located 50 kilometers southeast of Umm Al Qaiwain city. Sinayah Island, lying a short distance offshore has important mangrove areas together with a breeding colony of Socotra cormorants.