The Emirate of Sharjah extends along approximately 16 kilometers of the UAE's Gulf coastline and for more than 80 kilometers into the interior. In addition there are three enclaves belonging to Sharjah situated on the east coast, bordering the Gulf of Oman.

These are Kalba, Khor Fakkan and Dibba al-Husn. The emirate has an area of 2,590 square kilometers, which is equivalent to 3.3 per cent of the country's total area, excluding the islands.

The capital city of Sharjah, which overlooks the Arabian Gulf, contains the main administrative and commercial centers together with an especially impressive array of cultural and traditional projects, including several museums.

Distinctive landmarks are the two major covered souqs, reflecting Islamic design; a number of recreational areas and public parks such as Al Jazeirah Fun Park and Al Buheirah Corniche. The city is also notable for its numerous elegant mosques. Links with the outside world are provided by Sharjah International Airport and Port Khalid.

Sharjah also encompasses some important oasis areas, the most famous of which is Dhaid where a wide range of vegetables and fruits are cultivated on its rich and fertile soil. Khor Fakkan provides Sharjah with a major east coast port. Two offshore islands belong to Sharjah, Abu Musa, which has been under military occupation by Iran since 1971, and Sir Abu Nu'air.