Galaxia Tours, UAE is a high caliber receptive tour operator located in Dubai and  cheap standards member of the Galaxia Group. The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is one of the richest regions regarding touristic alternatives, for FITs or for MICE tourism. The quality of the facilities offered by the destination and our commitment to always surpass the clients' expectations make Dubai and Abu Dhabi and other cities in the area an easy choice for a short vacation

Due to the rapid development experienced by cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as the increasing demands from our partners to offer alternative destinations, GALAXIA has decided not to miss out on the opportunity and open up a self-sufficient branch in Dubai to continue offering service coverage throughout the Emirates as well as Oman. It is our goal to provide luxurious, personalized and high quality service wherever our client may be.

On a MICE level, Dubai offers all the necessary infrastructure and preparation in order to organize exclusive  IPC codes and unique venues, events as well as conventions and congresses. On the FIT level, every week there are new hotels opening up, increasing the city touristic capacity exponentially giving the customer all new alternatives from which to choose from. Besides hotels & resorts, there are also new malls, theme parks and more.

Dubai has made a spectacular change in the past 15 years. Meteorological conditions in Dubai make it a valid destination yearlong. Walking through the infamous gold and species souks, tax-free shopping, enjoying the dominant gulf sun while it sinks into the desert dunes and relaxing in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world are only just some of the opportunities awaiting you in Dubai.

Exclusiveness, luxury and distinctiveness unite in this contemporary oasis that is Dubai.

Special Offer, Dubai 7 Nights